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Homer lofts can be the size of 3 1/2 feet by 3 1/2 feet or 4 feet. Just make sure that there"s enough room for the pigeons to move about on, a place to set the food and water, and the nest, if you"re planning on having squabs from them. Click here to see a picture of a pigeon loft.

A loft without a fly pen makes settling more difficult since the birds cannot get an idea of the outside appearance of the loft. Old birds, especially, when first being released from such a loft are apt to dash off and be lost. To prevent flight, one may pull at least seven flight feathers or clip them (crosswise or lengthwise), or tie four of them together at the base with strong thread.

All lofts should have traps along with the landing board in place for the birds to trap in when it"s time it trap in. Click here for a picture of a bob wire trap.

A trap or at least bobs is desirable for all types of flying pigeons. The general purpose is control--to allow the birds liberty only when the breeder desires, and at the same time to permit the entrance at any time. Thus a straggler or lost bird can enter the loft whether the breeder is there or not. There is no one plan that is generally accepted above all others, and any plan that serves the general purpose suffices.

Description of Trap

The trap is box-like, and made of 2" mesh wire on all sides, except from the bottom. It"s measurements are 10 1/2” long, 10" high, and 9" deep (front and back). Each end is hinged so that it can be raised inward and latched to the top, permitting egress from the loft for exercise. There are 6 bobs, 1 3/4" apart, in front of the trap, made of wire, an inexpensive type sold on our national market. They hang loosely from a horizontal rod, and swing in a complete circle. When they are in place in the loft, a 1" cleat of wood prevents their swinging forward so that no bird can leave the loft unless the bobs are raised. A bird entering the loft pushes against the hanging wires (bobs) which give with the slightest shoulder pressure. The birds, however, cannot leave the loft until one of the hinged ends and the bobs in front have been latched up.

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