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Regulation for the European Standard Commission of Fancy Pigeons


Article 1: Reason and purpose of the European Standard Commission The European Standard Commission (ESC) for Fancy Pigeons is a technical, independent body of the pigeon branch in the EE. It consists of five members which are elected by the branch; furthermore the chairman of the branch is a regular member. In agreement with the ESC more additional experts in limited number can be invited. The tasks of the ESC are: • Harmonising the standards with the aim of a „European standard“. • Admission and checking of standards of the EE member countries (also non-member countries). • Completion of the EE’s breedlist Article 2: Harmonising and checking of the standards The submitted standard texts which are written by the member-countrie’s standard commissions, are checked in the description of the main breeding chracteristics in order to find out if there are similari-ties with already existing breeds or if it is an independent breed. Furthermore the naming of the col-ours are checked with the purpose of the usage of a uniform, international acknowledged naming. The checked, and on the base of different nations adjusted standards, are the foundation of an „European standard“. The standard of the origin or breeding completion / perfection is always the valid pattern. Article 3: Completion of the colours of the leading standard through different countries Corresponding to the statutes of the EE each country is allowed to supplement the list of colours ac-cording to their own acknowleging procedures. However, this standard commission has to inform the commission of the country of origin and the ESC, which is the task of the EE delegation. This addition will be forwarded by the pigeon branch to the European exhibition management in order to inform the forman and to ensure that these colours won’t be fined as „not acknowledged“ at the European show. Article 4: Checking proceedings of the ESC 4.1 The ESC checks the request of new standards, which can only be submitted by the standard commissions of EE-members, for registration into the EE list. 4.2 In questions of arbitrations the ESC sends the request back to the national federations. Only in case of diagreement can the ESC finally decide. 4.3 The ESC has the right to check the main standards on their terminolgy and on devations in „ex-treme signs/markings“. If necessary the ESC will give recommendations to the responsible na-tional standard commission. 4.4 The ESC submits ist points of view and suggestions of the pigeon branch to the EE for further discussion and concluding decision ( Exception see Article 5 ). Article 5: Quorum / competence of the ESC. 5.1 By request of a member of the pigeon branch of the EE, the ESC can finally decide this matter. 5.2 The ESC decides in an reviewing process ( See Article 4, 1 – 3 ). 5.3 General, not submitted national questions and their decisions through the ESC, will be submitted to the branch hearing for their final decree and for further international information. Article 6: Inclusion of standards into the EE list Only finally checked national standards will enter the EE-list. Standards from countries ouside the EE will first be checked by the ESC before they enter the EE-list, also after possible acknowledgement through single individual EE-members. For the realization of „European shows of Breeds“ an uniform standard has to be written in the EE-list. Article 7: Enforcement This regulation was decided on the 22nd of May 1998 in Erfurt/Germany with immediate effect. The Chairmen / die Vorsitzenden / les Présidents: Jean Louis Frindel (F) (ESC) Dr. Werner Lüthgen (D) Pigeon Branch (EE)

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